Toshiba hard disk drives built with the performance and reliability characteristics that have made the company's HDD products the drive of choice in today's storage device market needs ranging from personal use to data centers

Toshiba has been developing and supplying all of the main types of storage devices, including hard disk drives (HDDs), optical disc drives (ODDs), and solid-state drives (SSDs) using NAND flash memories.

Toshiba's sprit of Innovation influenced the development of HDDs, allowing it to be the first in the world to realize certain technologies as well as those that opened up new markets.

- The world's first hard disk drive to use glass platters
- The world's first hard disk drive to use a GMR head
- The world's first automotive hard disk drive
- The world's smallest (0.85-inch) hard disk drive
- The world's first perpendicular magnetic recording hard disk

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Enterprise SSD Enterprise SSD
Enterprise SSDs(eSSD)use NAND flash memory, developed by Toshiba, for high-speed data processing, light weight, and low power consumption compared with enterprise HDDs.
eSSDs contribute to improve performance of high end servers and high end storage systems with frequent data access.

Model Number:-
MKxx01GRZB Series, PX02SMB160, PX02SMFxxx Series, PX02SMQ160, PX02SMUxxx Series
Enterprise HDD Enterprise HDD
Enterprise HDDs for server systems and large-scale storage systems that required quick response and rapid data transfer.
We provide reliable enterprise HDDs to support mission critical applications for system builders.

Model Number:-
MKxx01GRRB/GRRR Series, AL13SEBxxx Series, MBF2xxxRC Series
Nearline HDD Nearline HDD
We provide large capacity near-line HDDs for servers, storage systems, and data centers.
Our near-line HDDs are contributory to data storage in ICT (Information and Communication Technology) society.

Model Number:-
MG03SCAxxx Series, MG03ACAxxx Series, MG03SCPxxx Series, MG03ACAxxxY Series
Client SSD
Client SSD

Our client SSDs use NAND flash memory, developed by Toshiba, for high transfer rates, shock and vibration resistance and silence compared with mobile HDDs.

Model Number:-
- 9.5mmH Case
- 7.0mmH Case
- mSATA Module
Client HDD Mobile
Client HDD(Mobile)
Mobile HDDs feature large capacity, compared with client SSD, and some models provide a range of options such as high durability and encryption technology.

They are broadly used in consumers products, such as notebook PCs, TVs, video recorders, multifunctional printers and automotive equipment.

Model Number:-
MQ01ABD100H, MQ01ABD075H

Client HDD 35 Type

Client HDD(3.5-type)
We provide two type of Client HDDs.  One is large capacity and high performance for desktop PCs and some entry PC server applications.  The other is optimized for quiet operation and low power consumption  for digital AV applications.

Model Number:-
DT01ACAxxx Series, DT01ABAxxx Series, DT01ACAxxxV Series, DT01ABAxxxV Series