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Cameo 3 AutoBlade Cameo Blade Rachet Cameo Blade Fabric Cameo Deep Cut Blade
Automatically adjusts itself to the material being cut with the AutoBlade system. Simply select the material type in the software and let the Cameo 3 do the rest.
Ratchet Blade
Silhouette blades give your projects the precision you need.
Fabric Blade
Your fabric blade, like your sewing scissors, will dull when used with paper. That's why it's important that a separate blade is kept on hand for cutting fabric with your Silhouette.
Deep Cut Blade
The deep-cut blade has a 2 mm long blade that will cut through thicker materials than the regular blade. The deep cut blade features a sintered tungsten alloy composed of super-fine powder for extra durability. For Cameo 3 and Curio.
 Cameo Premium Blade  Cameo Cut Mat12 Cameo Cut Mat24  Cameo Cut MatLight 
 Premium Blade
This blade will provide three times the life of a regular blade under normal cutting conditions.
 12" x 12" Cutting Mat (Trilingual)
This long-lasting cutting mat has a 12" cutting area and a strong tack that doesn't tear thin papers.
12" x 24" Cutting Mat
This long-lasting cutting mat has a 12 in. x 24 inCutting area and a strong tack that doesn't tear thin papersSilhouette Cameo 12" x 24" cutting mat. 
Light Hold Cutting Mat
The 12 in. x 12 in. light hold cutting mat is designed to hold more delicate materials that require a lighter adhesive. It’s ideal for cutting thinner materials, including copy paper. 
 Cameo Cut MatPixS  Cameo Kit HeatTransfer  Cameo Kit Fabric  Cameo Kit HeatTransfer
 PixScan Cutting Mat
Unlock a whole new world of project possibilities with PixScan™ technology. Simply use the 8.5 in. x 11.5 in. PixScan™ mat and your Silhouette to cut precisely around a printed design or position cut lines in a specific location on your material.
Starter Kits : Vinyl
Vinyl is easy to cut, self-adhesive, and removable, making it the perfect way to add a personal touch to your home. The vinyl starter kit contains all the materials you need to start decorating with vinyl décor. It even comes with an idea booklet and instruction DVD to help you get started. 
Starter Kits : Fabric Ink
Thinking about refashioning a t-shirt or spicing up a backpack.
The fabric ink starter kit contains all of the materials. Create your first fabric ink project, from ink and a mixing tray to an instructional DVD. 
Starter Kits : Heat Transfer
You can use heat transfer material to create customized sports jerseys, decorate bags, or personalize t-shirts. And it’s all possible with the heat transfer starter kit—simply use the supplied items to transfer your design. Silhouette cutting machine to your project. 
 Cameo Kit Rhinestone Cameo Kit Stamping   Cameo Kit SketchPens  Cameo SketchPen
 Starter Kits : Rhinestone
Add a touch of glamour to your apparel and accessories with the rhinestone starter kit. It contains all the materials you need to get you started. From template material and rhinestones to an instructional DVD.
 Starter Kits : Stamping
With the Silhouette stamping kit, you aren’t limited to the stamp designs at the craft store. You can create your own custom stamps with any design you want. It contains all the materials and instructions you need to begin any stamping project.
Starter Kits : Sketch Pens
You don’t need to be a great artist to sketch beautiful designs. The Silhouette sketch pens are there to draw for you, being specially designed to fit into the blade holder of any Silhouette machine. Use the sketch pen starter kit to sketch elaborate designs or add a hand-drawn look to your projects. 24 assorted sketch pens. 
Sketch Pens
Need more color in your project. Try the sketch pen starter pac. Each pen is designed to load in place of the Silhouette blade, allowing the machine to sketch rather than cut. Contains 8 pens. 
 Cameo PenHolder  Cameo StudioDesigner Cameo StudioBusiness   Cameo VinylGlossy
 Pen Holder
Replace your Silhouette’s blade with a pen to sketch instead of cut. It’s easy to use, and it will hold a wide range of drawing instruments, from a thinner standard pen to a thick felt-tip marker.
Silhouette Studio Designer Edition
is the version of the Silhouette software made especially for designers. The Designer Edition includes more features to help designers import their own artwork as well as create new designs for use with Silhouette products. 
 Silhouette Studio Business Edition
is a version of the Silhouette Studio® software program that users may upgrade to. It is intended for small business users who want to unlock and explore further features of the software, like multi-cutting support, weed line options, and advanced nesting features. It is designed for full-scale, large-quantity projects and helps users save time on designing and cutting out extensive amounts of material.
Vinyl Glossy
Our glossy adhesive vinyl has strong adhesive for indoor and outdoor use. It's gentle enough for most indoor walls. But resilient enough to withstand the sun and weather. 
Cameo VinylMatte Cameo VinylStencil Cameo Cardstock Essentials Cameo Adhesive Magnet Paper
Vinyl Matte
Silhouette’s 12-inch matte vinyl is an inexpensive self-adhesive high-grade vinyl that is well equipped for a large array of outdoor and indoor applications including decals advertisements quote walls and outdoor decorations. The matte surface produces a classic look and displays casual cool colors.
Cameo Vinyl Stencil
 Stencil Vinyl with Transfer Tape Create a professional, screen-printed look on apparel and fabric with stencil vinyl and Silhouette fabric ink. 9" x 3".
Essentials Adhesive-Backed Cardstock
Silhouette adhesive cardstock makes it easier than ever to cut words and shapes in intricate detail. Each pack contains: 4 each of Black, White, Warm Grey & Cool Grey sheets. 16 seets. 12 x 12".
Adhesive Magnet Paper
Use adhesive magnet paper to apply a magnetic backing to any shape. 4 sheets of 8.5 in. x 11 in. adhesive magnet paper.
Cameo CutStrip Cameo Hook Cameo Scraper Cameo Spatula
Replacement Cutting Strip
The cutting strip in your Silhouette CAMEO® electronic cutting tool can be replaced if it wears out.
The Silhouette hook is an essential tool for weeding vinyl and heat transfer cutouts. 
Use the Silhouette scraper to scrape cutting mats clean. Apply transfer paper to vinyl artwork, and smooth adhesive to temporary tattoo paper. Eliminating air bubbles along the way.
The Silhouette spatula is the perfect tool to lift delicate designs from the cutting mat without curling or tearing. The pointed tip makes it easy to get under cutout designs and work around the most intricate shapes. It won’t take long before this handy tool is a necessity for all your crafting projects.
Please call:6299 2933 whatsapp/sms: 8720 8505 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make enquiry or
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